An intensive online Zen meditation retreat
with Frank De Waele Roshi.

More than thirteen hours of scheduled meditation, practice and teaching.

From 4pm Friday afternoon, January 15
through 1pm Sunday January 17
[times are Central European Time (CET) , UTC plus 1 hour].


The ritual, ‘The Gate of Sweet Nectar,’ was developed by the late American Zen Buddhist teacher Roshi Bernie Glassman, Frank Roshi’s second teacher. It creatively adapts a traditional rite for feeding hungry ghosts (Kanromon) used in the Soto tradition of Japanese Zen. Incorporating elements from other traditions – such as Jewish liturgy, Christian prayer and Theravada Buddhist loving-kindness (metta) meditation — it expresses an evolving vision in Western Zen.

During his training Frank Roshi studied and practiced the liturgy deeply with Bernie Roshi himself. In this intensive workshop he will share his understanding of the ritual by unpacking its esoteric appearance and by instructing on some of the transformative practices embedded in it. This down-to-earth approach will eloquently reveal the contemporary relevance of ‘the Gate’ for a  meaningful lay practice.

 We will meet each other online via Zoom four times a day. The sesshin is set up around five practices: sitting (zazen) and walking meditation (kinhin), liturgy, teaching (teisho) and a personal interview with the teacher (dokusan). The participants follow the program according to their own possibilities, but register for the two days.
Frank De Waele Roshi will offer his teachings in English during this two-day online retreat.



Everyone is welcome. The virtual retreat is open and accessible to all practitioners and friends of the Zen Sangha, regardless of their experience with meditation, Buddhism or Zen.

This will be our eleventh online Zen retreat and former participants have expressed the sense of intimacy and resonance of our digital format. The consistent schedule of the sesshin creates a deep, quiet container for meditation, nourishing awareness throughout the day. We connect ‘beyond the internet’ and support each other in whole-hearted online practice.

If you are new to Zoom or online conferencing tools, please do not let technology be a barrier. We have sangha members ready to support registered participants with technology questions, concerns, and issues before and during the sesshin.
Feel free to reach out at


How to participate?
For this retreat we use the simple and user-friendly Zoom. There is no need to register with Zoom.
If you are registered for the online sesshin, we will mail you the correct Zoom links for the different sessions of the retreat on Thursday January 14th.
Click on the link a few minutes before the session and you’re with us!
Sign up now and join!. 

Please note
On a tablet or smartphone, however, an app must be downloaded:
If you click on the link of the meeting above, the Zoom App will start automatically. After filling in your name you can join the meeting.




Participation fee
for the whole two day retreat: € 70


To register, please use the online registration form.
After registering, make your payment to the Zen Sangha bank account.
Please indicate clearly ‘online Gate of Sweet Nectar-sesshin’ and your OWN name.
Only upon receiving your payment is your registration valid, which will be confirmed by mail.

Bank account Zen Sangha
IBAN number: BE81 8901 5424 8724
BIC code: VDSPBE91

For questions or more information, please contact





Schedule of the day

7am         opening of the day & zen meditation (zazen)
7.40am    walking meditation (kinhin)
7.50am    zazen
8.20am    kinhin
8.30am    zazen until 9am

11.30am   zazen
12am        zen teaching (teisho) until 1pm

4pm         zazen
4.30pm    kinhin
4.40pm    zazen
5.10pm    Gate of Sweet Nectar until 6pm

7.45pm    zazen
8.15pm    kinhin
8.25pm    zazen
8.55pm    four vows & closing of the day



Frank De Waele Roshi, a qualified Zen teacher in the White Plum Soto Zen tradition of the late Taizan Maezumi Roshi, is a Dharma successor of both Catherine Genno Pagès Roshi and Bernie Glassman Roshi. Frank Roshi lives in Ghent (Belgium) at the Zen Sangha zendo. He works fulltime as a Zen teacher in residence offering training to his lay practice community. He has led international retreats in Germany, France, Finland, Poland and Italy.